Delivering excellence in Christ-centered education to meet the spiritual, academic and social needs of its students

Ways to Give




Pray each day for LSA – God is in favor of what is taking place at LSA.  Offer prayers of blessing and thanksgiving for your school.



Current Operations – In addition to church support and tuition income, there is a need for donations of nearly $300,000 of the $3.4 million dollar operational budget to operate the school each year.  Please consider regular donations to LSA.



Fundraising Events – Participate in the yearly fundraising golf outing each fall as a player or sponsor and attend or donate to the annual dinner auction each spring.  The funds raised at these events are part of the $300,000 needed for current operations each year.



Financial Aid – In order to make it possible for students to attend LSA, approximately $250,000 in financial aid is awarded to multiple families each year.  Much of this assistance is need based.  Consider a donation to impact the ability for students to be in attendance at LSA.



Summer Budget Plan – There is a need to secure operational income at the end of each school year during the summer months of June and July.  LSA has had to borrow on a line of credit each summer.  It is our goal to eliminate this practice through significant donations from our supporters.



Grandparent’s Club – Give a donation on behalf of the education received by your grandchild.



LSA 52 Acre Site Plan – The school board, through their strategic planning, has a vision for the future needs of the LSA.  Some of these needs are short term facility needs to provide for the current student body and current programs.  Plan to speak to the Executive Director for the update on the phases of this plan and where significant donations can best be used.



Strategic Plan & Accreditation Initiatives – Several items can improve the education at LSA.  Some of these items include:  updating textbooks, increasing technology, enhancing parts of the current facility in the cafeteria, kitchen area, and student playground.  Donate toward these areas.



Endowments – Some significant donations can be endowed (restricted and saved) for yearly blessings for the duration of the school and can also be matched in some cases.  The Decatur Community Foundation has matched funds and increased dollars that can be used each year for tuition assistance.  Give a gift that keeps on giving.  Speak to the Executive Director for details. 



Bequests – Leave LSA in your Will.  Make a gift that will impact the children of the LSA for years to come and in many cases well past this earthly life we all now live.



Donations are tax deductible and checks can be made to:    Lutheran School Association




Thank you for being a blessing to the LSA!





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Please accept this donation toward the LSA school year OPERATIONS:

___ $75                        ___ $150          ___ $225          ___ $500          ___ $1,000        ___  Other  $______________


____  Our family would like to also make a gift of $__________________________ to be used for:

         __ Financial Aid    __ Summer Budget Plan    __ Mortgage    __ Grandparent’s Club   __ Site Plan Projects


____  Our family would like to speak to you about future gifts, the site plan, or helping pay off the mortgage debt.

____  Our family would like to discuss leaving our legacy and leaving LSA in our Will.

Delivering excellence in Christ-centered education to meet the spiritual, academic and social needs of its students