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The 7th–12th grade students will be required to bring their own devices for the 2017-2018 school year. Rental devices were offered during the 2016-2017 school year as we transitioned from school owned devices to student owned devices. The transition is now complete and each student will be responsible for bringing his/her own device to use for the 2017-2018 school year.

Chromebooks which were available for rent this year will be made available for the 6th grade class to use during school hours as we begin working toward BYOD for the 6th grade level.

If you have any questions regarding devices, please contact Brenda Salogga at

General Device Requirements

         Keyboard (hard keyboard that does not just pop-up on the screen)

         7 inch display minimum

         Battery Life of 4 hours (minimum)

         Wireless Card (must be able to access internet wirelessly)

         No Phones

LSA cannot be a purchasing agent for any devices. Each family needs to have its own warranties and receipts on any device.


LSA is not endorsing any particular model or manufacturer that the student can bring. We want to allow you to use any device that can work, especially those that you may currently own as to ensure as little cost burden to our parents as possible. If you have questions concerning purchasing a device, we will provide any information that we have. Please contact with any questions.


Any laptop with a minimum G wireless radio (preferably N)

Any Operating System can be used, including Linux, Microsoft, or Apple.


Less expensive than some devices and designed differently than a traditional laptop, they are made to connect to the Internet and store items in the cloud.


If a Tablet does not have a keyboard, you’ll need to purchase one for it.

iPad Problems for complete integration with Google Apps

We will be using Google Apps next year. An iPad (at this point) cannot integrate as easily with Google Apps. When you download the Google Apps App onto an iPad you do have the ability to create Documents, Spreadsheets, and Slides. The ability to create a Form does not exist through the Apps. You can create a form through a browser on the iPad.

iPads and websites

iPads have a limited functionality when going to some websites on the internet. They will not show flash, which will limit the websites and/or parts of websites that a student will be able to see.

Cases/Computer Bags

Failure rates depend greatly on the device and case. Other schools have found that breakage rates dropped from near 10% to around 3% when replacing a neoprene sleeve with a hard shelled case. There is absolutely no protection from a neoprene sleeve type of cover.

Delivering excellence in Christ-centered education to meet the spiritual, academic and social needs of its students