Delivering excellence in Christ-centered education to meet the spiritual, academic and social needs of its students


Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Holmes –

High School Faculty

High School Principal & Guidance Couselor Ms. Allison Nolen –

The LSA High School teaching staff is composed of professionals who are doing what they love to do. Teaching in our high school is their ministry. As role models of living in God’s word, the teachers are examples to the students. All teachers have appropriate degrees/advanced degrees and/or certification for the areas they teach. A graduate now attending university wrote the following: “I have made it through the first weeks of school, and I feel that I have been more prepared than many of the other students. I know the LSA High School is a small school, but the teachers have prepared us well. I just want you to know that you have a great staff and a great high school curriculum to prepare students for college and for life.”

High School Faculty & Staff

Arseneau, Tony Algebra II, Pre-Calc, Calculus, & Math 098
Black, Matt Science
Christison, Nicole Art
Dulkoski, Stanley Music
Tipsword, Lindsay History
Gruenwald, Matthew Algebra & Geometry
Mize, Lisa Spanish
Salefski, Jeff  Theology & PE
Salogga, Brenda  Technology
Schulteis, Ben Chemistry & Physics II
Schulteis, Ellen English
Thomas, Jennifer English, AP English, & Yearbook
 McMillan, Seth  Agricultural Education
 Younghouse, Kurt  Theology


K-8 Administrators

Principal – Mr. Joel Witt –

Welcome to the elementary department of the Lutheran School Association! The elementary faculty of the Lutheran School Association is  dedicated to the welfare and education of children.  The teachers have chosen to share their love of learning and their love for the Lord with the children of this school. The primary goals of the faculty are to nurture each child in a Christian manner and to help each child grow academically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The faculty brings many years of teaching experience and continuing education to their classrooms and students. We thank God for this ministry of serving all of the children here at the Lutheran School Association, and we welcome the opportunity to share more information with you about the school, the curriculum, and the programs.

K-8 Faculty and Staff

8B Mike Dahn
7B Ellen Schulteis
7A Dorothy Damery
6B Olivia Klemm
5A Johanna Bayles
5B Al Bardeleben
4B Melissa Saurmann
4A Ashley Crouch
3A Laura Johnson
3B Kelsey Pigati
2A Andrea Watson
2B Rita Bishop
1A Linda Stubblefield
1B Mary Tomkinson
KA Jennifer Roberson
KB Stephanie Wilkerson
K – 8 Choir Brenda Mueller
5-12 Band Stanley Dulkoski
7th & 8th Grade English Ellen Schulteis
7th & 8th Grade Math Matthew Gruenwald
Nurse  Laura Messamore
Technology Brenda Salogga
Maintenance Jerry Aldridge
Lunchroom Tricia Summers
ABC & Library  Angela Martinek
Athletic Director Kurt Younghouse
Admissions Director Susan Keane
High School Secretary  Rachel Tavarczky
Office Staff Sharon Colbeck
Office Manager Jayme Phillips
Business Manager Heidi McCormick

Delivering excellence in Christ-centered education to meet the spiritual, academic and social needs of its students