Human Sundaes

This year, the Student Government fundraiser for Share the Gift will be that one of our teachers, staff members, or pastors/DCE's will be made into a human ice cream sundae! (Picture a kiddie pool and lots of syrups and sprinkles)
We will start with nominations of students' top one or two staff they'd like to see covered in sundae toppings at an all-school assembly on November 23rd. We will announce the top 10 and begin our collection on November 1st. We will once again have the jars with pictures of each candidate in the atrium before school each day to collect money. Over the next three weeks it will be narrowed down to the top 3. On November 23rd, we will announce the "winner". All proceeds will be used to purchase Christmas gifts for children in foster care in our area. Use this form to nominate the students' top choice!
(Once nominations are complete, we will verify with staff if they are willing to do it - if not we will go to the next top choice in the list)