Dress Code Guidelines

LSA 2022-2023 Dress Code
Our goal at LSA is to have our students dress in a way that honors God, yet allows them to be
comfortable, be themselves and have unique styles. We understand that all of our lives, including our dress, bring honor or dishonor to our God. As we seek to glorify the Lord in all we do (1Corinthians 10:31) these guidelines will help us do that in the area of dress. We want to create the best learning environment with the least amount of distractions. With that in mind, our student body should follow these guidelines, whether in school, a school sponsored activity and/or school related event.
 *No hats, hoods, earbuds, airpods or sunglasses are allowed during school hours. Teacher
discretion may be used in class based upon class activity.
 *Clothing or accessories depicting alcohol, tobacco, sexual or offensive language should
not be worn at school.
 *Clothing and accessories that can be considered political or divisive in nature are not
allowed, instead, LSA is committed to providing venues for safe and meaningful
 *No pajamas or slippers are allowed
*Shirts, shorts, and dresses must be modest and cover what they are supposed to cover.     *Clothing should not be extremely form fitting, low cut or revealing                                                                    * Shirts or dresses must have sleeves                                                                                                                                        * Shorts/skirts/dresses should measure no shorter than mid-thigh when standing

 The administration reserves the right to determine what constitutes appropriate dress.
 Students who do not adhere to these guidelines will not be allowed to attend class.
Parents will be called if appropriate clothing is not available or the student refuses dress code appropriate clothing.