About LSA


Congregation of Zion/St. Paul’s Lutheran (formed in 1864) built a new church at the n.e. corner of Wood & Monroe, which weekdays served as a school – Kruetz School. The building was later moved to the s.e. corner of Prairie & Jackson St. for use as a school (where the public bus transit is now).


Formation of a mission school at the southwest corner of Lowber & Orchard streets for people living in the northeast part of the city– cost to attend was 25 cents/pupil/month. 24’ x 40’ school building. Name – “Kruetz-Schule und Mission Verin” (German).

St. John’s


St. John’s established their congregation. The school at Lowber & Orchard became known as St. Johannes (John’s) Lutheran School.


Addition to school at Lowber & Orchard.


Education building added to St. John’s church, located on Orchard St.

St. Paul’s


A new brick school house was built on the site at Prairie & Jackson. St. Paul’s Lutheran School and was utilized until 1929 as a school.


St. Paul’s Lutheran Church built a new Parish Hall at Main & Edward, which included a school.


New parish hall and school building at St. Paul’s (Main & Edward).


Lutheran School Association (LSA) formed by 6 Missouri Synod Lutheran Churches in Decatur – St. John’s, St. Paul’s, Trinity, Our Redeemer, Concordia, Mt. Calvary original members. Grades K-4 were at the St. John’s location, 5-8 were at the St. Paul’s location.


LSA combined their two buildings and moved to Kemper Insurance Building on Mound Road.


LSA High School was formed.


State of the art gymnasium added.


Baseball fields excavated. Baseball field completed.

Today, all but Our Redeemer Lutheran Church remain members in the Association. This year is the second year in a row that LSA High School has had a freshman class of over 40 students.