“The LSA was the best foundation that my father gave us for an education to send us off into this world that is full of uncertainty, wonder, joy, miracles, and love. That LSA Education created an awareness that has always been a part of my conscience and personal foundation.”

“Mr. Richter,

Hello, how are you? I am doing fine. I don’t know if you knew this, but right before graduation I was accepted into a non profit organization called City Year. I moved down to Orlando and I am serving with 60 other kids in under privileged schools working as mentors, tutors, and role models. I work 10+ hours a day, going to school before the kids get there and staying until the last after school program is over for the day. It is the most fulfilling work I have ever done in my life. The reason I am telling you all of this, is because of something we call a Red Jacket Ceremony. City Year is known across the nation, and the world by these bright red jackets that they wear. It is a sign for kids everywhere that we are someone who is there to help no matter where they see us or what they need help with. Each year, when we receive our red jackets after going through basic training, we have a red jacket ceremony where we dedicate our jacket, and our year of service to someone, or something. This year I dedicated my red jacket and my year of service to The LSA graduating Class of 2013. I was so nervous transferring schools three months before graduation, and if it had not been for everyone at The LSA I would not be where I am today. I made better friends in my three months at LSA than I have had my entire life, and I cannot thank you and the rest of the staff and students at LSA enough. You all brought me in and made me feel like I had been going there since kindergarten instead of just part of a senior year. And for all of that I have dedicated my year of service to all of you! You have taught me what it truly means to be inclusive and give everyone a chance to fit in. Thank you so much for everything!!!

Sam McKinney”