BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Parent Information

The LSA is dedicated to equipping students both spiritually and academically. As a part of their academic training, students are introduced to several aspects of technological communication including, but not limited to, basic keyboarding, coding and communication. Communication encompasses a variety of activities including email, video streaming, authoring documents, etc. As of late, the area of electronic communication in regards to learning has been a central focus of schools across the country, including the Lutheran School Association.

The LSA operates primarily inside Google Classroom for its students. Therefore, we are a Chromebook school. Currently all 5th–12th grade students are required to bring their own Chromebooks as part of the school supply list. It is strongly suggested that younger students start looking at and purchasing Chromebooks for their own use both in the classroom and in the event that we are forced to switch from in-person learning to eLearning in the course of the school year.

Any student in any grade that has chosen eLearning as their preferred method of school this year should plan to use a Chromebook. This helps with ease of operation for both the school and the student as well.

Student devices which are not Chromebooks, will not be added to the wireless network. Any replacement devices and devices of students new to the LSA must be Chromebooks. This is what works best for our school and our students.

If you have any questions regarding devices, please contact Brenda Salogga at