Free and Reduced Lunch Applications are available here.

You are now able to access your student’s lunch account online. From there you can check their balance as well as view their purchase history to see what they’ve been eating for lunch. Check your student’s lunch account here. You will need to create a family account first. Then you need to verify that account using the link that Chalkable Café sends to your email. Once the account is made and verified, you will add each of your students to the account. Please feel free to call us if you need help setting up your account.

Lunch Menu

All students will go to the cafeteria during their lunch period where they may eat either prepared lunches or lunches brought from home. Pop should not be brought to school as a student drink choice. Milk or juice can be purchased separately. Glass containers are not allowed for safety reasons. Students may not leave the cafeteria, for any reason, without prior permission from a supervisor, teacher or administrator. Use of the vending machines is not allowed during the school day.

At the beginning of the school year, each student will be issued one lunch/student ID card, displaying the student’s name, class and current school year. Any destruction, alteration or loss of a lunch/student ID card will require the student to purchase another card. Replacement cards are $5.00 each.

Hot lunch may be purchased at any time. Check payments should be sent in an envelope with child’s name, date and grade written on the envelope.

The goal of the lunch program is to provide a nutritious lunch according to the standards of the National School Lunch program. In order for us to operate the food program we need to make sure parents are checking lunch balances on a regular basis. To this end we are using the School Messenger system (automated phone call) to contact parents to let them know when they have a balance of $15, 10, and a zero balance.

The following messages will be used:

First Call$15 Balance: A courtesy call will let you know that your balance will run out in less than 5 days. (lunch is $3.25 per day)

Second Call $10 Balance: A call to remind you to replenish your child lunch account.

Third Call $0 Balance: A phone call from the building principal to determine what needs to happen to replenish the lunch account as soon as possible.

Our goal is to prevent the accounts from getting a negative balance and an alternative lunch for your child. Please assist us in keeping a positive lunch account balance

If you have questions please feel free to contact your child’s building principal or Dr. Holmes.


Applications for free and reduced meals are available in the office. Letters containing guidelines and applications for free or reduced lunches are available during registration and throughout the school year. Parents requesting free or reduced lunches must complete and return the application to the school office. Verification of income may be requested.

  1. Upon student withdrawal from school, parents may request a refund of the lunch card account balance if over $10.00.
  2. All year-end balances will be forwarded to the subsequent school year. Other balances may be requested in the office.

Lunches will be sold at the following rates:

LUNCH: K-12 $3.25 each (includes 1 milk)

MILK $ .50 each for extra milk or if a student purchases a milk to go with their cold lunch.

(Lunch and milk tickets prices are subject to change.)