The Development Department encourages you to help Lutheran School Association (LSA) maintain a solid financial future by making a donation to ensure that current and future students are able to receive a quality affordable Christian education

Where do your donations go?

LSA, welcomes your donations to meet current and long term needs of the school.
Current needs include: student financial aid assistance, computer and technology updates, classroom updates and enhancements, and special program assistance. Each year there are families who have made the commitment to give their children a Christian education, but unforeseen circumstances such as a job loss or illness can hinder their ability to continue their child’s education. Each year a limited amount of funds are made available to provide families with tuition assistance. Donations to LSA may be designated by the donor to a specific school or program, or applied to general operating fund.

Longer term needs include Planned Giving to the LSA. Depending on the request of the benefactor these funds can be used to provide tuition assistance, music department, science department, athletic department, teacher enhancement programs, or scholarship programs. As a benefactor you can specify exactly how you want the endowment applied. The goal of the LSA endowment is be a steward and servant of the charitable resources. Through the endowment your gifts will continue to give for generations.