LSA High School partners with Richland Community College to offer students Dual Credit as well as Transfer Academy. Richland classes can be offered at LSA or at Richland. Since LSA tuition does not cover RCC tuition and fees, parents must pay RCC all necessary tuition and fees. Full-time RCC students receive a 50% LSA tuition reduction. Part-time RCC students receive 50% RCC tuition reimbursement for A’s.


Students have an opportunity to learn specific technical skills as well as proper employment behaviors and positive work ethic characteristics. Students at the Tech Academy have access to a technology enriched curriculum taught by highly competent staff using state of the art equipment for courses that can count as high school credit.

Students interested in taking college level classes for dual credit and/or college credit on or off the LSA campus during regular high school hours they must:

  • First have high school principal approval
  • Turn in a Richland Community College Admission Information Form
  • Turn in a Parent/Guardian Approval Form

These forms are available in the high school office. All Richland class will need to fit in your student’s schedule, meet LSA graduation requirements, and still allow them to finish the current classes they are taking. LSA students have to be assigned a RCC student ID# prior to taking a placement test. We will do this placement test here at LSA. We suggest juniors take this test also if they might take some dual credit classes next year as seniors.

The cost of the class is approximately $99.00 per credit hour, plus approximately $100.00 for books. Books for classes can often be found at a cheaper rate than at the college book store or on such web-sites at Amazon.com, Chegg.com or Half.com. These fees are all worked with Richland.